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KIDS HOPE USA - Won't you please help?


St. Stephen’s KIDS HOPE USA ministry is asking for your to further this ministry and our Loris Vision. You can make a donation (cash/check) in the offering plate any Sunday or anytime as a memorial gift, etc. Make your check payable to St. Stephen's with KIDS HOPE - LORIS VISION on the memo line and include your donation envelope # (the one you use weekly for your pledge) or if you use cash, include your name on the envelope and St. Stephen’s will track this as a deduction for you.


Thank You in advance; your generous gift will be a wonderful blessing to this ministry that will help pay for supplies needed to put various plans into action that will benefit the kids at Loris Elementary.

You can also help with one of our on-going donation programs.


Box Tops for Education: Please check your food and non-food items for box top coupons. Each coupon is worth 10 adds up fast for Loris Elementary! Also check your receipts when visiting various stores for bonus box tops. These may be deposited in the decorated box located on the bookcase in the Narthex.


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