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Here are some NEW ideas for mentors to try that will help them go FAR in their mentoring relationships this school year by including; FUN, ACADEMICS, and RELATIONSHIP


GLYPHS are a great way to learn something about your child and to share some information about yourself. Simply follow the instructions to complete a picture that represents you. Here are a few seasonal glyphs to get your started...


All About Me








Dice Games/Activities 


                                        - Practice reading and finding coordinates


                                  - Roll the dice and get your brain ready to learn by completing a few simple movements


                               - Roll the dice and practice spelling words with different voices


                                - Roll the dice and read a word from that column. Mark each word that you read and see if you can cover all of the words on the list. There are five different lists to choose from. Tip to making it fun...use BINGO DOT MARKERS instead of pencils!


                                               - Here's a fun game for the season. Play this with your child and the first one to complete an entire pumpkin wins!


                    - Roll the dice and cover the corresponding number of squares on the grid with the color of your choice. The person with the most squares in their color is the winner. 


                                      - Children practice identifying ODD & EVEN numbers as they roll their dice and climb the ladder


                                     - Roll the dice, add the numbers and race to the finish. Tip for making it fun...use LEGO people as game markers!


Other Activities


                                - Glue on a pair of wiggle eyes and you have the start of a fun activity


                                - Use Scrabble tiles to practice making words and solving math problems


                                - Use dominoes to practice addition with your child


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